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Multiple Modalities Create Better Results and Better Revenue

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

A Fabulous benefit of multiple modalities is creating better results, and it also raises the revenue. Adding something a simple as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to a procedure can increase the revenue by hundreds, and the results can be taken to new levels. PRP helps practically everything, and does no harm. PRP is a Fabulous add-on after a laser procedure to increase not only the speed of healing but also the appearance of skin texture as well. Combining PRP with Micro-needling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers and more, takes these and other procedures to the next level, both for better results, also for increased revenue.

If comfortable, PRP can be used for the most intimate of procedures, both for the female (O-Shot), and for the male (P-Shot). With PRP, aside from the patient’s blood-draw, only a yellow top tube and a centrifuge is required for the procedure. Much to the chagrin of many a salesperson, a PRP ‘Kit’ is not needed for optimal results. During my years of working with physicians, I’ve yet to see measurable results that support the additional costs of added-on PRP Kits, verses the uses of regular yellow-top tubes. Of course using a professional Kit is the decision for the provider, however, profits increase measurably when NOT using the kits. Using PRP as an alternative to saline for collagen stimulators, and for double stimulation, can also be a stimulator for revenue.

Create new, or existing ways to use PRP in your practice for better results, and better revenue. Your patients will be pleased with better results, and you will be pleased with better profits. Also, don’t forget the benefits of PRP for the treatment of hair loss, in both your male and female patients. Treating for hair loss creates a client of multiple application, as well as sales for topical and supplements, to increase results and revenue. Adding PRP to your practice is the ultimate of win-win. The patient brings the PRP (blood-draw) with them, so there are no allergy related issue. Finally, the cost of adding PRP treatments to your practice is minimal, since only a blood-draw, a yellow-top, and centrifuge are required.

Be sure to include PRP as a primary treatment, or, an add-on to an existing treatment. Both, create Fabulous returns for revenue and results.

For more information about adding PRP Treatments to your practice, contact me

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