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What is Your Leadership Style?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Leadership style and awareness of your individual style can help you overcome your fear. Yet, fear continues to influence into adulthood and that same feeling of the ‘boogie-man’ under the bed fear continues to influence us for life. As a leader you must look at your options and take action, and not allow the fear of rejection to influence you in any decision you make. Those who fear may also fear rejection, retreating into their shell, much like a turtle might. Business leaders often fear taking risks, fear of hiring new employees, and even fear of asking their own employees to complete tasks.

Frozen in fear or fear of rejection, can keep a leader from achieving success. Leaders who are fearful can often exhibit controlling behavior, and (that behavior) becomes their safety zone. Micromanagement becomes their leadership style. They rarely delegate because they feel out of control. Directing staff in a strong controlling way, does not allow them to flourish, solve problems, or to grow from their experiences. A business leader must depend on employees/staff, and allow them to do what they were hired to do. Fearing that a key employee is not happy and/or fearful of them leaving, can quickly become a downward spiral. The thought of a please at any cost mode must be eliminated. If you hold on too tight, they (your valued employees) will slip through your fingers.

Revenue -rather than growth, is often the strongest fear. It can trigger a need to increase salaries, purchasing unnecessary equipment, expand to quickly, etc. As a result, funds suddenly need to be spent to meet those demands. In business, when revenue becomes the constant focus rather than growth, ‘the status quo’, often becomes the driving factor.

A successful Leader should never allow themselves to become caught up in their fears, whatever they may be. Always face your fears head on, walk through them, and feel confident that you and your business will be prosperous and successful.

You’re no longer that child fearing the boogie man under the bed, that fear, was only in your head.

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