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Keep Them Coming Back for More

I believe that all communications from your Aesthetic Practice or Medical Spa should have a call to action. Sending a communication without a call to action is wasting an opportunity to cause action. An email blast or a newsletter should include a reason for the patient to call the office, to make an appointment, or purchase a product and/or service.

Pre-Sale Offers are wonderful ways for patients to save money when purchasing services and products not yet redeemed or used. Sending out an eblast is a Fabulous way to communicate Pre-Sale offers. The same goes for social media. When posting on social media, always include a reason for the patient to call for an appointment and/or purchase a service or product. The same goes for written communications. The importance of a hand written note of thanks for visiting the practice for a new client, is also a Fabulous opportunity to ask them to return with a call to action. One of my favorites is to include a business card size offer asking them to recommend you to their friends and family.

One of my favorite call-to-action offers, is to include a plastic gift card,* imprinted with your business logo, phone, address, etc. In addition, in bold lettering on the card, include: “$50 For You And $50 For A Friend!” Investing in custom plastic gift cards will look more official to the receiver, rather than paper cards. Also, once redeemed, you can re-use the cards again and again for similar communications to new patients.

Never limit how many people that patients can refer to your practice, and always reward the ones that do, such as with gift cards or gift certificates. This is one of the least expensive ways to attract new patients. Other written communications like a hand written Happy Birthday card can include a $50 gift card and/or certificate for a regular priced service. These and similar offers are a Fabulous way to get previous, procrastinating patients whom have not been back for months, to return because of a note that you’ve missed them. A gift card or gift certificate IS a call-to-action for them to return.

Call to actions can take as many forms as your imagination allows. The main purpose is to keep communicating with your patients, and keep them coming back for more.

*For a source for personalized plastic business/gift cards, contact me.

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