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How to Host a Fabulous Event - Not an Open House

A Fabulous Event is the perfect way to build revenue and add new patients in your aesthetic practice. Note, I did NOT say Open House. I do not believe in billing an Event as an ‘Open House’. In using this term for an Event, you’re simply inviting people already in your data base. A Fabulous Event adds new clients/patients who do not know you exist. The main purpose of an Event, should be to bring in NEW patients / customers.

A Fabulous Event should be a call to action for new patients, or to those whom have not been back for weeks, months (years?). When hosting an Event (not open house) at an aesthetic practice or Medical Spa, toxins (Botox, etc) can be your “lost leader”, eliminating the need for paid advertising. Your toxin patient is your least faithful patient and most will be tempted by “Lowest Priced Botox”. When advertising for your Event, attract new and/or existing patients by adding low cost toxins as your ‘Call To Action’. During the Event, you can offer toxins slightly above your cost (you know that amount, your patients do not) and make it the best price in town.

A Fabulous call-to-action Event could include “BOTOX: $8 Per Unit – Event Price Only!” (Suggested amount, adjust price based on your area). Offer the Event later in the week, such as: ‘Thursday, from 5pm until 8pm’. Also – and most importantly, in order for them to take advantage of the low-cost toxin offer, everyone who RSVP’s must have a consultation for all other services offered. When hosting an Event, remember that dermal fillers are your single most profitable service, requiring no pre or post care, unlike lasers and/or other energy devices. Old fashion marketing techniques such as offering Low Priced Toxins, cost nothing, yet create results and continued revenue.

You probably already have patients who own or manage a business, whether it be a storefront, or home based business. Consider approaching them or other local businesses in your neighborhood, to create success for all. A business that has an email list and a customer database with disposable incomes similar to your database, is an excellent starting point. Customers with disposable incomes are important, since aesthetics is elective, and not covered by insurance. Suggested businesses to partner with could include high-end dress shops, jewelry stores, fine wine/cheese shop, high-end car dealerships, gourmet grocery stores, etc. The types of businesses to approach are limited only by your imagination.

Create a a Fabulous Event with an Invitation (professional graphic) that includes your practice (spotlighted), the Business you’re partnering with, the Event information (time/place) and the call-to-action such as Discounted Toxin and/or Discounted Fillers. Reinforce that all discounted prices are only available at your event. The Business your partner with and who attends, should have a small table for their business cards and brochures, while having the opportunity to sell their wares.

At the Event, offer light refreshments (finger foods) that do not require utensils or large plates, or heat. Only ice for beverages. Napkins and small paper/plastic plates should be the only accessories for food. Remember that you’re potential patients are not coming for dinner, so provide only light, healthy snacks, and avoid sweets such as cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Fabulous Events should never be a timeshare presentation. My favorite phrase has always been – “If the doctor/injector has their mouth open they are not making money”. The only time the doctor/injector makes money is with a syringe in their hand. Events should be spent where the doctor/injector is injecting, not to answer answers, to make speeches, or presentations. The physician/injector can answer all questions during the consultation, while the patient is in the treatment chair.

Events should always have a light-hearted feel, similar to a party. Offer light snacks, soft background music, and they’ll relax and spend. Have your most attractive, sociable, staff person(s) dress impeccably for the Event, and have them chat up the attendees. Have staff greet guests as soon as they enter, asking them to fill out an entry for a drawing at the end of the Event. This is a Fabulous way to gather emails, addresses, and phone numbers, since everyone enjoys winning ‘something’. Ask vendors who supply toxins and dermal fillers to provide prizes/gifts, and also funds needed for food and beverages. A Fabulous event should cost you nothing but your time. After the Event and with the properly completed attendance cards, send handwritten notes to everyone, thanking them for attending, with a call-to-action to return, such as a discount gift card for future services. You have just captured new patients to add to your database for future emails, newsletters, invitations, etc. That list came primarily from businesses that you partnered with during the Event.

Host a Fabulous Event monthly using the same or similar strategy as outlined above, and send out an email-blast (announcement) one week prior to the Event Date, then again one day before the Event, as a ‘Friendly Reminder / Don’t Forget’. You will find that you’ll have a better open rate when the patient receives an email that resembles an invitation to a ‘party’.

Continue to make your Events consistent, such as the third Thursday of each month, or the third Wednesday. Never schedule Events on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, as most have other plans on those days. In addition, Fabulous Events can become a Networking Event. If possible, partner with a different Business each month, you’ll find its worth the effort, since you’ll be increasing the opportunity to reach even more new patients.

Finally and most important, Businesses you choose to partner with must have an email list and be willing to send out the Invitation (Event Graphic) to their entire email database. Request a screen shot from their email program the week before the Event, assuring you it was sent, so they can participate as planned.

Need help with Events or building your practice? Contact me and let's chat! Or (772) 453-4137

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