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How To Flourish, When Others Have Given Up

Now is time to think outside the box.

That famous old phrase "Thinking Outside The Box"often used in business, referred to trying new and unique ideas. Now more than ever, it's time to resurrect that slogan and apply it to the current crisis.

Transferring Your Business Phone Number To Your Cell

If your business or practice is closed due to the COVID-19 Crisis, it's vital that you stay in touch with your customers, patients, and clients. The quickest way, is to have the phone number of your practice, forwarded to your cell phone so you can answer the calls anytime, anywhere. Once all calls are transferred to your cell or that of a trusted staff member, answer each call as if you were at your practice on any normal day.

Reassure your customers that you are still able to take orders for products (skincare, supplements, etc), and can set future appointments, answer questions, and build loyalty ahead of time, once your office is open again. If you do not have a software scheduling system that allows for remote access and scheduling (I personally recommend Vagara -, then keep a spreadsheet or journal of your regular office schedule, and pen in all appointments as they are made. Assure your customers/clients/patients, that their appointments will be scheduled at the available days and times requested. Use a paper calendar if needed.

Follow up with an e-mail or text, notifying the patient that their appointments are being held for them and that you look forward to seeing them back in the office ASAP.

By utilizing Call Forwarding (check with your phone carrier), your customers/clients/patients will remain loyal to the businesses they can communicate with, since communicating builds trust. People spend money with businesses they trust.

E-Mail Communication

Now is a perfect time to do on-line and e-blast promotions. Keep your business in front of your customers with pre-purchase opportunities. If you practice offers dermal fillers and Toxins, offer these and other services at special prices to your customers, so that they can "buy now, use/schedule later" throughout the end of the year. Bundle special priced services, with value-added (not 'discounted') product opportunities, with complimentary shipping.

Virtual Face To Face Communication

Now could be the perfect time to set up virtual consultations. These types of consultations (phone, ZOOM, FaceTime, etc), is the perfect time to pre-purchase all products and services required for procedures. ZOOM, FaceTime, etc, can be set up on most computers, and mobile devices. Virtual Consultation is also the perfect times to create programs such as a daily skin care regime (your skincare products) and take c.c. orders over the phone, and ship to them, with complimentary shipping. Include thank you notes in with all shipments, and strongly consider including Custom Gift Cards that can be used for discounts of all of your products and services.

Special Events

Organize, and schedule In-Office Events - such as a "Welcome Back Event". Many will want to get out and 'celebrate' when this current situation has passed. Promote your events on all your social media pages each day, and send out an e-mail campaign announcement, once you know the re-opening date of your practice.

Now is the time to create a reason for your customers to stay in touch and spend money.

Contact me for a personalize plan of action for now, and for the future.

John Treadwell


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