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Fabulous Consultations is Where Money is Made

Are you a physician or a medical spa owner who constantly chases the next bright and shiny machine, or the next greatest offer? If so, do any of the following statements sound familiar? – “Just buy this new laser and your profits will sore!” “Increase your position on the web and more people will visit!’ “Get more likes on social media and you’ll enjoy instant success!”

In reality, the only people who are successful in using these strategies are the salespeople in your office making these claims. In the aesthetic business, money is made with Fabulous Consultations. Positioning every offer to include a consultation gives proven results of success, over and over again. Unfortunately, so many offers (print ads, e-blasts, etc) chase the lowest price, such as discount coupons, BOGO (buy one get one), Free With Purchase, etc. These type of offers do not attract, nor keep loyal patients. Remember that ‘Price Shoppers’ always move on to the next ‘deal of the day’, and are never loyal.

Instead of chasing price shoppers, attract better long-term patients with Value Added Offers. These type of offers will attract patients who will remain long-term, loyal, and they’ll even refer others to your practice.

Whatever the offer, whether it’s a facial, an IPL, Laser Resurfacing, Fat Freezing, Laser Skin Tightening, Toxins or Lasers, a Consultation should be included. It’s simply not an option for any procedure NOT to include a Fabulous Consultation. The offer is what brings them into the practice. A Fabulous Consultation is where the money is made. When any offer is presented on your social media pages, e-blasts, print ads, etc, they should be presented as a prepaid opportunity. Pre-paid sales eliminate no-shows, and ensures the opportunity for a Fabulous Consultation because that is where the money is made.

If you need help with how to conduct a Fabulous Consultation, contact me.

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