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An Answer to the Retail Dilemma

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

How many product lines should an Aesthetic Practice offer? This is a question that I get asked often, since there are many product lines on the market, with new products being offered continually. In over 40 years of experience, I’ve learned that offering selections of more than 3 product lines, can be confusing for the patient. If too many product lines are offered in-house, the patient/customer can become quickly overwhelmed, and not purchase anything at all. Remember to keep your in-house retail to (3) product lines, or less.

A better idea for offering multiple products lines, is to have your web designer set up an online retail page, offering all product lines that you have used and fully endorse. There are now multiple 3rd-party (wholesale) companies, offering a huge selection of skincare and similar retail products. These wholesale companies are designed so that when a customer goes to your online retail page and selects a product(s), the third-party company handles the order completely, including shipping and returns, and sends you your percentage of the sale each time a product is sold. (Contact me directly for more info about this).

For in-house retail (no more than 3 products), display them in a separate display rack, and in a location that has a stand-alone feel, similar to a separate retail center. One selection should be high-end only since a higher price is perceived as high quality. Also, many of the high-end products offer more active ingredients. My favorite high-end products are ones which contain human growth factors. Aside from a high-end line, a moderately priced line should be also offered, for those price concerned patients.

The third offering should be a private label line for additional branding, as well as exclusivity. When a patient is traveling and needs a refill of their product(s), re-ordering from your own private label keeps them coming back to you since many national brands are available online, or at another medical spa or retail center. Whatever your retail offering is, it should be sold by the practitioner, and presented like a prescription, since patients are accustomed to refilling prescriptions at their local pharmacies. The practitioner presents all skincare needs for supportive home care during the patient’s appointment, and then staff has the prescribed products ready at check-out, for the assumptive close.

Patients will usually do what a practitioner suggest, especially during the consult, or immediately after a procedure. Therefore, the support of the practitioner is important even if initially introduced by the concierge, aesthetician, or another staff member. When products are suggested by staff members, the practitioner’s recommendation simply strengthens the case of need for the patient.

Finally, having your products wrapped in tissue, and in your branded bag when the patient checks out, increases your revenue and patient compliance.

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